European beauty star popular haircut inventory

By | 1st November 2018

In 2015, the most popular haircut of European and American actresses began. Do you want to shine on the stage like Madonna and become the focus? Do you want to be like the Keira Knightley? Is it still dazzling? On what occasion, the imposing Queen’s hairstyle is full.

Kate Potsworth’s Queen Kate Bosworth

Actress Kate Bosworth (Cate Bosworth) appeared at the French Deauville Film Festival, a red carpet for the new film. The fluffy and versatile discs in front of the forehead are divided into multiple strands, which are then smashed and fixed with a small steel card. After the hair is dispensed, the styling agent is used for shaping. The Queen’s full red carpet hairstyle with Chanel white dress is beautiful.

Minka Kelly minkaKelly scorpion headband popular haircut

Minka Kelly’s long curly hair style with a whip as a headband. The main point of hair styling is to start from the hair on one side of the ear along the route worn by the headband on weekdays. Add new hair every time you make it, pay attention to the time when you add and weave. Braided to the back of the neck and fixed.

Bella Thorne BellaThorne Little Queen

popular haircut

It seems that the Disney sweetheart BellaThorne, who is not satisfied with the princess style, has begun to try the elegant lady hair. At a young age, she has revealed the Queen Fan, brown loose hair with golden nails, expensive and beautiful. . The long hair plate forms a beautiful full curvature behind the neck.After two times, we added new hair and then weaved it.

European beauty star popular haircut inventory

Litton Meister, Queen Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester, who starred in Queens B in Gossip Girl, is also dazzling in the new season. Her haircut was first divided into long hair. At the center of the distribution line, a pair of hairs were picked up and weighed into three strands for French braiding. After two times, we added new hair and then weaved it. After the head, we fixed it with a small steel card.

Diane Kruger dianekruger Queen

The famous actress Diane Kruger has always been a full-fledged queen. She also attended the Venice Film Festival and she appeared in a feminine side. The hair on the forehead and the head is fixed at the back of the head, and then the hair is placed on one side of the shoulder for braiding. Pay attention to the fluffy processing at the beginning of the braiding.After two times, we added new hair and then weaved it.

Emma Stone EmmaStone Queen Zhafa

The young actress EmmaStone’s yellow silk dress walks the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival. Her young temperament is outstanding, and the Queen is full of fan. In addition to the strength of the body and the dress, the elegant side is also the focus. The focus of the hairstyle is to divide the brown straight hair, and then the hair in front of the forehead is braided and fixed, and the queen’s hairstyle is fixed.