Fashion color wig uk

By | 28th November 2018

Among the huge wig family, there is a seemingly inconspicuous but very useful member – a color wig. The wearing of the wig is very simple. When we are in peacetime, we wear the hairpin, and the fashion effect it can achieve is extraordinary. Let’s take a look!

Is this wig piece quite a bit “wet and silent”? The light yellow wig is caught in the inner layer of the hair and is very natural, like a transitional color.

Wig hair clips are not only straight hair wigs, this wig piece is a big wave of curly hair wigs, the light yellow wave roll and the model’s own hair curls into one, lazy and sexy.

This is a light natural roll wig, still creating a transitional color from dark brown to light brown, stylish and generous.

color wig


Fashion color wig uk

A full-featured wig hairstyle. The light yellow wig is among the reddish-brown hair of the model itself, with a glamorous look and personality.

This colorful color wig is suitable for the personality of the MM.

so the colorful hair color walking on the street.

must be the focus of everyone’s attention!

The wig piece itself is a transitional color, and the brown hair on both sides is added with white and yellow wig wigs.

which makes the original ordinary hair color brighten up!