Good-looking short hair style recommendation

By | 5th November 2018

In 2018, the good-looking girls have short hair style of tens of millions, but what I bring to you today is the simple 5 short hair styles. The goddesses are cut. Are you still hesitating? Continue to look down,  first introduces to you. How do you judge whether you are suitable for short hair?

According to the survey, the vertical distance from the earlobe to the chin is shorter than 2.25 inches (about 5.7 cm), which means that you are suitable for short hair. If it is longer than this size, then you are more suitable for long hair, that is, the earlobe to the chin. you are short of 5.7cm, you can easily control short hair. If you are suitable for short hair, then continue to look down. Finding a short hair that suits you will make you beautiful!

Good-looking short hair style recommendation

1, the face is relatively slender, and the girl with high forehead will always worry about finding short hair suitable for this, then this slightly hot lazy short hair style, better to modify your face, put on it is very handsome and angry Sleek breath, simple micro-hot short hair outlines a chic face, oblique bangs slightly fluffy fit on the side face, easy to modify the face.

2, really is that the short hair of the law can not meet the girl who likes fashion wig, this is the seaweed hot hair designed by Ping Liu, this kind of perm does not have to take care of, but this short hair is only suitable for girls with smaller faces. After all, its bangs are the design of Ping Liuhai, and the seaweed on both sides is hotter than the lazy wind. Although it is covered with meat, the big-faced girl will become aunt, and the favorite girl should pay attention.

short hair style

Good-looking short hair style recommendation

3, side points + short hair of the wave head.

at first glance looks very refreshing, with the natural micro-volume design.

all of a sudden back to the first love face, and the length of the wave head is relatively short.

let you dress together to be more spiritual and capable I feel that even a student at school can have a natural 18-year-old face, which is so beautiful!

4, more popular recently is the first love short hair.

but also on the hot search many times, this is the first love short hair hair style.

refers to the length of the hair just in the position of the chin, but also over the ears.

hair The tail is also very neat, it looks very layered.

especially the girl feel, especially with the bangs.

not only can modify the face and face, dye a stylish brown hair color, fashion is coming up instantly.

5, this year’s hair style is more and more popular, almost shielding the entire fashion circle.

this short hair curl is natural and not old-fashioned.

it also has a casual lazy feeling, even the goddess Fan The girl is also sexy.

this hairstyle is also suitable for the autumn weather.

whether it is with a windbreaker or a sweater, it is really beautiful.