How to bring a wig

By | 4th September 2018

Choosing a wig with a hair color that is similar to the color of your hair or the same hair color can make you easy to grow and grow. Nowadays, there are more and more wigs in the style of ponytail, such as straight hair ponytail, pony tail, curly pony tail, corn hot ponytail, and gradient ponytail, etc., all kinds of choices for you to create a different style and modeling. After buying a wig with a satisfactory wig, How to bring a wig?

The long hair is the most entangled in the girls, the hair is short, not short and long, and the next step is just a few simple steps. You will know how to bring the wigs!

How to bring a wig

First, comb the hair first; then, use a rubber band to tie a ponytail; let’s take a look at the side effect, the pony tail is too short to look perfect; the wig ponytail is usually strap-type, with a steel fork on the inside, more fixed Live the ponytail; insert the steel fork vertically into the hair at the end of the ponytail; make the wig ponytail completely wrap your hair, and wrap the band around the pony tail for a few turns.

bring a wig

Knot the knot under the pony tail, remember not to kill the knot! (Some crushes like to make a beautiful bow); Then take a small and moderate hair under the pony tail and wrap it around the strap; fix the hair with a small clip Silk, make the wig ponytail effect more realistic and natural; this is done! Look at the final effect! The long hair fluttering pony tail looks particularly temperament! This time we demonstrate the straight hair ponytail, the other style of wig ponytail is also like this Oh!

If you are a person with a high demand for wigs, the wearing effect of the wig ponytail still can not meet your needs, then Tang style invisible seamless hair extension will definitely make you change shape, short hair lengthening, long hair shortening, nowhere No!