How to care for long curly hair

By | 16th November 2018

long curly hair care

First of all, when your hair grows to a certain length, your long hair will be weaker, so we need to take care of your hair from the outside. In addition to the conditioner that can be done after washing your hair.

you can regularly make hair mask or nutrient oil for your hair. It is recommended that you buy your own nutrient oil and then go to the barber shop. This is better.
Curls can’t be combed


For curly hair, when the hair is hot.

the hairdresser will tell you not to comb your hair often, otherwise the flowers will not last long. In fact, we can use a wide comb to comb the hair, especially after the hair is combed, and then the hair is combed, the hair falling in the hair will be cleaned up, otherwise it will often be Sexually getting a bunch of hair drops on the house and clothes, and it will make the hair knot and not smooth for a long time.

How to care for long curly hair

How to apply conditioner

For long curly hair, it hurts hair when it is hot. The conditioner that we usually need to do, in addition to washing the hair, can choose a conditioner that is not greasy, and can be directly treated on dry hair. of. When you don’t wash your hair, you can also apply evenly on the hair ends to care for the hair. And it can make hair full of elasticity, long hair is more durable