How to care for short curly hair is simple and simple

By | 13th November 2018

IU Li Zhien’s hair style has always been highly sought after, this short curly hair is also a very suitable hair style, the egg roll head type of perm design is full of fashion, and the hair is lovely and age-reducing. So how do you manage this short curly hair?

Wet your hair with warm water every morning.

use a dry towel to blot excess water from your hair until you don’t drip.

bend over and put all the short curly hair to the front.

then gently press the hair with your hands. In the near hair, do not rub your hands along your hair. After the hairdresser teaches you to complete this step, you can straighten up and use your fingers to set the hair from front to back, so that the hair’s dividing line is naturally formed, so that the hair on the top of the head is fluffy and natural. To achieve better results, you can repeat this multiple times. action.

How to care for short curly hair is simple and simple

If you take care of the curl below, you can use the index finger to spirally wrap, and then blow it while blowing the hair until the hair is dry. Do not pull the curl down when winding, which will destroy the durability of the curl. To manage the curls, to maintain the bulkiness of the hair on the top of the head, you can use the hair dryer to blow the hair on the top of the head quickly.

Every day, you will get bored with life, and you will get tired of everyday hairstyles. How do you manage your short curly hair? Before you arrive in the summer, you can create your own short curly hair.