How to take care of women short hair

By | 7th September 2018

In summer, many women have cut short hair to spend this hot season, so how do girls with short hair look good? What are the short hair skills?

Short hair is a challenge for women. Many women don’t cut short hair because they don’t know how to manage short hair. Today, Xiaobian will share the skills of taking short hair. Let’s take a look.

Liu Hai

1, most of the short hair will have bangs, then Liu Hai, if you want to be an air bangs, we have to use a hair curler, the Liu hot micro-volume, a little fluffy feeling, so that there will be a Japanese cute .

2. The middle queen can use the straight hair stick to straighten the hair in the middle to the side. If it is the middle of the hot roll, you can directly polish the hair oil.

3, Liu Hai can also use the tb bag of small headband.

we are in the six where to use the bag hair hoop.

in front of the bangs position to get a small bag looks playful and cute.

4, if you have an eyebrow on the bangs, you can consider a scorpion, then use a straight hair stick to clip it, and burn it into a small bangs curl, you can also straighten it straight.

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1. When the hair is just washed, we use the air tube to blow the hair, you can directly blow the root position, but don’t get too close, don’t blow it too long, prevent burns, just blow it, you can Dry your hair quickly. Then rub the essential oil to maintain the hair and reduce hair damage.

2, the shortest hair is the simplest to take care of the hair is put into the hair with our hands.

take the hair a little fluffy, natural. Don’t get it if you have a lot of hair.

3, hair on both sides can be placed on the top of the ear, we gently pick up some.

then circle the hair, gently rolled up with a clip to fix.

Liu Hai made air bangs, perfect a playful little fairy.

short hair

4, shiny more can be considered to straighten the hair with a straight hair clip, then slightly spray the shaping water to keep the hair from flying.


5, you can wear a cute or simple hair band with a bow.

put it on your head, and then put your hair together.

the hair band will be relatively cute.

6, you can also consider the position of the next point behind the ear to help the hair above all tied up.

tied a small bag, similar to the head of the bag.

you can get fluffy points, a little cool neutral beauty.


When shampooing, remember to use conditioner to keep your hair supple and improve your hair. Then use your hair dryer as little as possible. You can always use the essence to maintain your hair.