Medium long hair perm hairstyle uk

By | 26th November 2018

Although the hair style should match the face shape, the medium and long hair style has always been highly regarded as a fashionable and versatile hairstyle. You will find that no matter how the trend changes, most of the girls will still choose a long hair style, but the same hair style will be tired of watching for a long time, then the girls may wish to burn their hair.

The long hair style is easy to care for and changeable. The most important thing is that the face repair effect is excellent, but most of the girls are straight hair styles of clear soup noodles. It is impossible to tell who is who, When you need a personalized medium-length hair perm hairstyle, let people shine.

Medium long hair perm hairstyle Romantic feminine to create the perfect you

Style 1

The partial design of Liu Hai ingeniously modifies the lack of face shape, the messy hot curly hair and the gradient color hair color, the personality is full and brings a bit of trend.

Style 2

This is a very fashionable medium and long hair perm hairstyle, brown hair dyed to set off the skin color, partial bangs fashion and beauty, shoulders of hot curls with a bright smile, very sweet.

Style 3

Qi Liu Hai is definitely a magic weapon for age reduction. This Qi Liu Hai hair style can definitely make you look younger! The hair on both sides of the cheeks is very good for the fleshy face, the fluffy hair is slightly hot, full of fashion. .

Style 4

This is a very fresh girl’s perm hairstyle, fashionable wave roll with partial design bangs, repair is a face type and more sweet and fresh.

Medium long hair perm hairstyle Romantic feminine to create the perfect you


This perm hair style is very suitable for light mature women. The bangs are more versatile, and the hair is soft and silky, which makes the girl look very attractive.

Style 6

The hair of this medium long hair perm hair is slightly hot and warped, which is very good for playing a thin face. Qi Liu, who has a sense of air, does not make people feel old-fashioned. It is very light and mature. Office OL.

Style 7

The long partial bangs are very good at blocking the flesh on both sides of the cheeks. The medium and long hair is full of fashion, fluffy and stylish. This hairstyle is suitable for girls with less hair or face fat.

Style 8

This medium-length hair perm hair style highlights the softness of the girl. The curly hair is very good to wrap the sides of the cheeks to create a slimming visual effect. Qi Liu is cute and sweet, and looks beautiful.