2018 new fluffy long curly hair wig pictures

I have collected several new models of fluffy long curly hair wigs in 2015. The fluffy curls are very fashionable and easy to change the wild fashion look. Girls attending different occasions need to take care of different hair styles. If they often have trouble changing hair, they will be more injured. Xiaobian shares several… Read More »

Female face long hair fine hair type

The girl’s face is longer. I choose a hair with a long hair. Which hair style is more suitable? Long-faced girls can use bangs hairstyles to shorten the shape of the face. Girls with less hair should try to choose the most popular thin bangs style. What kind of hairstyles do girls with thin face… Read More »

Wig correct cleaning method

Buying a wig that makes you love is not easy. How to better extend the life of your ? This requires a detailed understanding of the correct cleaning method for . Wig correct cleaning method: 1. Before cleaning the wig, erect and use the wooden comb with a looser hair to comb. 2. Turn the… Read More »

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